Registered Dietitian Milton

Nutrition Counselling with a Registered Dietitian in Milton

Nutrition is just as important in your wellness journey as having a healthy physical self.

Personalized Nutrition Counselling

Registered Dietitian Milton

for Dietary Conditions

Our dietitians will work one on one with you to develop your personalized plan. From common health concerns to general health and fitness goals, we will work our hardest to help you and your loved one achieve your health goal.

We care about the WHOLE body at Valeo Physiotherapy and that includes how you fuel your body.

The objective behind our exceptional nutrition counselling is to help you become more mindful by creating a food plan filled with whole foods and unprocessed ingredients and teach you how to build a sustainable lifestyle and dietary habits.

The benefits of a holistic approach to nutrition therapy with Dietetic counselling, are vast and life-altering:

– Improved immune system and digestion

– Hormonal balance and increased energy to keep you moving

– Decreased stress and inflammation

– Helps manage weight and blood sugar levels

– Manage high blood pressure

– And is helpful in injury recovery

Healthy eating through a non-diet approach can result in decreased risk of disease, the reversal of chronic conditions, and a reduced need for medications. With our dietitians, you will receive science-based advice to help you achieve your health & nutrition goals. You will also learn how to be successful long-term!

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Nutrition for specific dietary interests

Weight Loss

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

SEBO and Gut Health

Healthy Eating

Nutrition for Emotional Eating

Nutrition for Disordered Eating

Sports Nutrition and Recovery

Culinary Education

Nutrition for Mental Health

Family Nutrition

Paediatric Nutrition and Picky Eaters

Food intolerances and Food Maps

Diabetes Management

Nutrition for Heart Health

Nutrition for Liver Health


Nutrition for Arthritis

Sleep Apnea

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Nutrition for Women's Health

Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Nutrition for Cycle-type

Culinary Education

PCOS Management

Nutrition for Lactation 

Nutrition for hormonal management

Nutrition for Nursing Mothers 

Management of food textures

Registered Dietitian in Milton
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