Cupping Therapy Milton

Improving blood flow, decreasing pain, reducing inflammation... this is what cupping therapy can do for you!

At Valeo Physiotherapy, we want to provide our patients with the opportunity to achieve the best, and longest lasting results possible from their treatment. Cupping therapy along with massage therapy can provide longer lasting results than just massage treatment alone. This, along with many other health benefits, is why we offer Cupping Therapy to our patients!

Cupping is a practice that originates from ancient China. The therapy involves suction cupping specific places on the body to reduce inflammation and neuromuscular pain, while improving blood flow. 

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

  • Promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage 
  • Mobilizing congestion that is present with colds and flus
  • Releasing muscle tension
  • Increasing relaxation levels
  • Mobilize metobolites within the blood
  • Reducing the dimpling associated with cellulite
cupping therapy milton

Some conditions that Cupping Therapy can help with are carpal tunnel syndrome, facial paralysis, arthritis, and patients who are planning to go into surgery or have already had an operation.

If you are interested in learning more about how Cupping Therapy can help with your health concerns, you can easily Book an Appointment online to see Stephanie Valley, RMT

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