Concussion Clinic Milton

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At Valeo Physiotherapy, we will provide you with a thorough assessment using our baseline test, which is comprised of nine evidence-based testing protocols. 

The information that this baseline test provides, helps us create the right treatment plan with so you can safely return to learn, work and play!

Concussion management at Valeo includes:

– Vestibular Ocular Motor Screen (VOMS) Test

– Neurological evaluation

– Cervical spine and whiplash evaluation

– Symptom Tolerate Exercise Therapy

If you are interested in speaking with a certified practitioner to help with your health concerns, you can easily Book an Appointment online for treatment.

concussion physiotherapy milton

For more information comprehensive concussion care and/or our affiliation with Complete Concussion Management1, please contact us.

A concussed patient should be evaluated immediately after sustaining an injury.  Early intervention can ensure a smooth and progressive recovery. Appointments can be made online and a patient should be seen the same day they sustained a concussion.

1Complete Concussion
Management Inc. (CCMI) is a network of existing healthcare clinics with practitioners who have received specialized training and certification through CCMI. As a partnered CCMI clinic, we are well prepared and experienced to help guide you through your concussion assessment and rehabilitation.

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