Movement is an art and a science. Let us show you how.

Training for your first 10k or half marathon? Excited about your soccer season? Or do you love getting out on the local trails?

Valeo is about whole health wellness and being able to do the activities you want to do. It’s about movement, eating well, being active and strong.
It’s about treatment that keeps you moving forward. So if an injury happens, we can help. After a thorough assessment we will create a unique treatment plan and work with you to get you back on the soccer field, on the trails, on the road.
We use the most up-to-date, effective and evidence-based rehabilitation techniques to support your injury and activities of choice and will work as a team to support your recovery.
We will also work with you to ensure you are eating optimally for your day to day and activities. So whether you need physical therapies or holistic nutrition support, we are here for you!
Man with bicycle
Jackson Rozario has been a physiotherapy patient of Stephani Nogueira for approximately 6 years.
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