Massage Therapy Raffle Details

Throughout September, you will have the chance to win a prize!

Raffel Prizes

1st prize: Free 60min massage, magic bag (hot/cold pack), rock ball infinity (massage ball) & epson salt


2nd prize: Free 45min massage, rock ball infinity (massage ball) & epson salt

How to get ballots:

30min massage = 1 ballot

45min massage = 2 ballots

60min massage = 3 ballots

90min massage = 4 ballots

Additional ballots can be earned by:

1) Following or subscribing to one or more social media platforms (@valeoclinic or @valleyrmt on Instagram; RMT Valley on Youtube) = 1 extra ballot

2) Writing a google review on your experience with us at Valeo Wellness Clinic = 2 extra ballots

3) Referring a friend* = 3 extra ballots

 *The friend must be a new client in September and put your name in the “how did you hear about us” section of their patient profile*

Ballots are earned after massage appointments, additional ballots are given by text once the above conditions are confirmed. You must text +1 (613) 827-0061 with your full name and details of what social media you followed and/or if you wrote a google review to receive the additional ballots. 

The winning ballot numbers will be drawn on video posted to Instagram (@valeowellness & @valleyrmt) on October 1st 2021. The winners will also be contacted through e-mail.

Good luck, stay safe, and allow yourself to take care of your body!

Hopefully we can see you soon!

-Stephanie Valley RMT

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